A few examples of our work...

It's not often hearings are held without legislation already being considered.  We thought it prudent to hold several regarding certain facets of state operations, like fleet management.  We heard a lot about what we are doing well, where we can improve, and who in the private sector might be able to help us be more nimble.  Our findings are consolidated below.

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Incorporating the private sector

Our current approach to acquiring new assets is incredibly limited.  We have over $1,000,000,000 in deferred maintenance across the state and taxpayers are justifiably resistant to new taxes and debt.  Allowing private companies to help us finance, design, build, and operate state buildings is a strong alternative and has shown to be cost-effective. 

[HB 206 Op Ed]


listening to the people

It's easy to get trapped in the "bubble" of politics in Jefferson City.  One of our core focuses is to strive to incorporate the sentiment and first-hand interactions our citizens are having with their state government into our policies.  Government must be cooperative and responsive to the people and we hope to help it do just that.

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